“Thank you, thank you, thank you, brother! You have such a love for the Lord and it really shows in your playing. Just to hear you play is such a huge blessing!”
Mary Hansz, event music director, New Hope Community Church, Portland, OR

“Dennis Marcellino is a man of many talents and interests. His hour-long program was well-received by the audience. He deeply cares about the negative experiences people are going through in our world today, and his mission is to show that these sufferings are unnecessary and that a great solution exists.” – Bill Bennett, (review in) The Capitol Voice

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Dennis Marcellino Speeches and Music: I am interested in these topics...
Speech: How to Present and Defend your Faith to Anybody
This speech gives solutions to common dilemmas on how to respond to questions about Christianity and how to present it in everyday situations with family, friends and co-workers as well as helping to give reasons and logic to strengthen our faith.

Click here for more information on How to Effectively Present and Defend Christianity to Anybody (and have greater faith yourself)

Conversion Story Speech:
Dennis's story of his 14 years through 21 things to finding the Christianity as the fulfillment of truth (with the option of Dennis performing music from his CDs)
Click here for more information on the Conversion Story Speech
10 Conclusive Proofs God Exists
and the Bible is True:
(based on Dennis's book Why Are We Here?)
Click here for more information on 10 Conclusive Proofs that God Exists and the Bible is True
How To Be Free From Addiction:
This speech is based on the Bible-based recovery method in Dennis' books Addiction Free Forever and Sweeping it Under the Drug
Click here for more information on How To Be Free From Addiction
How to Restore Biblical Values
in our Lives and Nation
Proves why following biblical values is objectively, scientifically, psychologically and sociologically the most important and effective thing we can and need to do in our personal lives and nation.
Click here for more information on Biblical Values Speeches
Contemporary Christian Music Concert
Your choice of music suited for your group... ranging from inspiring music with a feeling of beauty, to praise and worship, to more lively, upbeat music all the way to Christian rock with a message. Dennis plays many original songs as well as some well-known favorites including his Christian version of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". (He is a former member of the band who had that hit song.)
Click here for more on Inspirational Music for Concerts and Events
Christmas Concert
(from Dennis's CD, The Spirit of Christmas)
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Inspirational Music for Concerts and Events
(music for all occasions)
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