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Encouraging, teaching, inspiring and motivating Christians
(and whoever else they want to reach and invite)
with motivational, informative and entertaining speeches
(with the option of music) featuring...

Former member of some of the most famous bands
in the world and author of highly acclaimed books.

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1. Conversion Story Speech (with music option):
This speech is always a hit! Dennis's journey as a professional entertainer and member of some top name bands and deep involvement in 21 different approaches to lifestyle and personal growth before finding Christianity as the fullfillment of truth.

2. Apologetics Speech: How to Effectively Present and Defend Christianity to Anybody (and have greater faith yourself)
Dennis always gets great reviews and positive feedback from event coordinators and participants for his inspiring and informative speeches.
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3. Inspirational Music for Concerts and Events:
Dennis is an outstanding professional musician and a former member of many top name bands. Your choice of music suited for your group... ranging from uplifting music with a feeling of beauty, to praise and worship, to more lively and upbeat music all the way to Christian rock with a message. He plays many original songs as well as some well-known favorites including his Christian version of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". (He was a member of The Tokens, who once had that hit.)

For Booking Information:
Call Dennis at 503-650-8840 or

Speech packet with a video demo of Dennis's speeches and/or music available upon request.

"You speak in a way that people can understand... bridging the gap between religion and everyday life." – Jeff Cavins, Relevant Radio

“Great Job!
Great Ministry!”
Peter Herrmann, Professional business breakfast club, Modesto, CA

"Dennis, I want to say that how you speak and how you define your concept and your understanding of creation and Why We're Here... it's just incredible! I love listening to you."
– Diane, Ypsilanti, MI

"I liked Dennis' speech because he outlined what could be so many peoples' story. He exemplifies the truth searching that so many people aware of their spiritual lives go through. He shows what is possible when we allow God's graces to work in us."
– Susan Sanders, CCL teacher, Ceres, California

"This is a very important book that is greatly needed at this time. I agree that the Bible should be the ultimate resource for life and living and that the world could greatly benefit from being logically and scientifically shown that this is true." Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author, New York Times #1 Best-Selling "Chicken Soup For The Soul" series

“Dennis' message comes from a unique perspective. He speaks from authority, in effect saying, ‘I've tried everything and nothing makes one happy with oneself but a reasoned, logical realization that the God of the Bible is who He says he is, his rules are for our benefit, and I will be happier when I observe his rules’. Thought provoking and well accepted” – Larry Everson, Program Coordinator Bonneville Power, a federal agency

"The NEW BEGINNING CD puts me into ecstasy. Dennis has been given a beautiful gift from God in his music...
It is a beautiful ministry."
– Lynn Hoffman, Fiat Voluntas Tua, Tracy, CA

"When it comes to soul, Dennis Marcellino redefines the term. His remarkable tone and feel are full of passion and soulful expression... because he is a soul completely given to Jesus." – Bob Carlisle, Grammy & Dove Award, writer and singer of "Butterfly Kisses"

"Great performance. I'm your biggest fan!" Rich Peterson, music director, Aloha Christian Life Center, Beaverton, OR

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, brother! You have such a love for the Lord and it really shows in your playing. Just to hear you play is such a huge blessing! Your instrument added SO MUCH to the worship! May the Lord bless you for your servant's heart and your willingness to serve him."
– Mary Hansz, music director, at New Hope Community Church event, Portland, OR

8 Reasons Dennis can Draw People to Your Event and Make Them Happy They Came...

1. Former Member of some VERY Famous Bands: Dennis is a former member of some famous bands including The Tokens, famous for the multi-generational hit "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", Sly and the Family Stone (recently named by MSNBC as one of the top 10 bands of all time), The Elvin Bishop Group and Rubicon (who closed the largest paid-ticket event in history).
(Click here to see Dennis's music history.)

2. Veteran Entertainer and Media Personality with years of experience entertaining crowds from music to speaking including including being a past guest on many radio and TV shows and performing at concert venues of every size. He gets great reviews for his performances. (See Letter Of Recommendation below plus Click here for Performance Reviews.)

3. Inspiring Speech Topics and Delivery: Dennis has a speech tailored to suit a variety of Christian conferences and events that will interest and motivate an audience including his Conversion Story from an Ex-Rock Musician to Christian Evangelist, How to Effectively Present And Defend Your Faith, 10 Conclusive Proofs that God Exists and the Bible is True, How to Be Free of Addictions, and more. (Click here for Speech Topics.)

4. Extensive Spiritual and Personal Growth Background: Dennis has a very extensive history and broad education including deep involvement in 22 approaches to lifestyle and personal growth before coming back to Christianity 23 years ago. He has a very inspiring and entertaining "before and after" story. (Click here to see Dennis's Journey.)

5. Music Option: Dennis can add great music to his talks. (Click here to hear some samples of Dennis' Music.)

6. Author: Dennis has written 3 books including "Why Are We Here?", "Sweeping It Under the Drug", and "How to Naturally and Permanently Cure an Alcohol and Drug Addiction." (Click here to see great book reviews.)

7. Recording Artist: Dennis has been on many secular and CCM albums but also has some of his own Christian CD's including "New Beginning" and "The Spirit of Christmas" and also family-values-friendly oldies on "Daddy's Home". (Click here for Music Reviews and Quotes.)

8. Important Speech Topics: Dennis's speechs are aimed to help improve the spiritual health and growth of the members of the Church and to address current concerns of the listeners. They help build up the body by helping people get excited about their faith. They help explain the truths of our religion based on solutions found in the Bible and give supporting logic and reasons for our faith, which leads to being more confident, both in a person's ability to deal with life and to present and defend their faith.

(See reviews & quotes)

For Booking Information:
Call Dennis at 503-650-8840 or
Speech packet with a video demo of Dennis's speeches and/or music available upon request.

Pricing: We will work with your budget if possible.

Phone or e-mail for a DVD or VHS demo of concert or speeches.
(CD or cassette also available)

Letter of Recommendation from an Event Planner:

Feb. 24, 2004


I highly recommend Dennis Marcellino as an entertaining and informative speaker. We invited Dennis to share his conversion story and he did a wonderful job. He has a background of having reached high levels as a professional entertainer and performer and it certainly showed in his presentation as the audience of 1000 responded very well to his passion, humor and music. He also performed a couple of his songs, one before and one after the speech. Like I told Dennis in an e-mail after I listened to his CDs: The “New Beginning” CD put me into ecstasy. Dennis has been given a beautiful gift from God in his music. It is a beautiful ministry. His Christmas CD is the best Christmas CD I’ve ever heard.

As a speaker he was easy to work with and very cooperative. He stayed on schedule which is very important. He spent some time afterwards talking to conference participants, signing books and CDs and told me that he was being stopped in the halls with people coming up to him to congratulate him. For example, one woman came up and told him that of all the speakers, she enjoyed his presentation best and was moved to tears by his story.

Sincerely yours,

Lynn Hoffman
Conference Director

1443 Parker Avenue Tracy, CA 95376 • 209-835-5480 • fax 209-833-3432

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Dennis' speeches, music, history, books, CDs, etc.

Dennis's mission is to motivate, inspire and instruct how and why to have a deeper Christian life that will bring greater fulfillment, joy, inspiration and solutions for life's problems.
His presentation is also great as an outreach for people to bring family, friends and coworkers.

Contact Information:

Telephone: 503-650-8840

Mailing Address:
Lighthouse Ministries
P.O. Box 40
Gladstone, OR 97027

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