How to Effectively Present and Defend Christianity to Anybody (and have greater faith yourself)

This encouraging and uplifting new speech gives practical solutions to these common dilemmas:

• Do you sometimes get stumped in conversations about religion and morals and find you would like to say something but don’t know what to say or how to say it?
-- This speech will show you how to know what to say and how to say it.

• Are you concerned about a fallen away relative or friend and don’t quite know what to say or do to encourage them to come back to the faith? Besides prayer what can you do?
-- This speech will show you what you can do.

• Do you find that you don’t really have an answer to some questions that come up about the Christian faith?
-- This speech will show you how to have the answers you need and will give you many of the ones that defend the basics of the faith.

This speech also includes:

- Highlights from Dennis' 10 conclusive proofs the God exists and the Bible is true that are easy to communicate.

- Ice-breakers for conversations about God, religion and morals

- Ways to turn any conversation into a way to give information and encouragement to people about how God’s ways are practically and experientially the best way to approach life and that they contain solutions for all personal problems.

- A mini highlight overview of Dennis’ conversion story from being a member of some of the most popular music groups in the world

- Highlights of his search for truth and the optimum ways to live (that took him through 21 approaches to lifestyle and personal growth) before dedicating himself to becoming a full-time Christian evangelist in 1990

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Dennis' insights and enthusiasm are inspiring and contagious!

Dennis draws on his background in science, psychology, theology, spirituality, engineering and music.

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For Booking Information:
Speech packet with a video demo of Dennis's speeches and/or music available upon request.

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In this speech, Dennis tells of his long search for truth, the optimum way to live, and how to avoid life's problems, which took him in and out of most of the popular psychology movements, philosophies and new age beliefs of the last 40 years, and how he ultimately found what he was looking for in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible. This speech contains inspiration, wisdom and humor.

His presentation can include him performing some music from his CDs (including his Christian version of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"). He has shared this conversion story at many conferences and various events of all sizes.

Dennis is an internationally successful recording artist and
a former member of some top bands including:
The Tokens (the band famous for “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”),
Sly & The Family Stone and The Elvin Bishop Group.
Plus he has an internationally bestselling CD under his own name.

Phone or e-mail for a DVD or VHS demo of concerts or speeches.
(CD or cassette also available)

Links for more information:

Quotes and Recommendations from Past Performances

More information about Dennis's music, music history, books, CDs, etc.

“Dennis' message comes from a unique perspective. He speaks from authority, in effect saying, ‘I've tried everything and nothing makes one happy with oneself but a reasoned, logical realization that the God of the Bible is who He says He is, His rules are for our benefit, and I will be happier when I observe His rules’. Thought provoking and well accepted.” – Larry Everson, Program Coordinator, Bonneville Power (a Federal agency)

“Great Job! Great Ministry!” – Peter Herrmann, professional businessman's breakfast club, Modesto, CA

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