Quotes are from media interviews with Dennis Marcellino.

"Dennis, You did a fabulous job today.
Thanks so much. Mancow loved you!!"
Maya Balakrishnan, 9/14/05
Mancow Morning Show
WKQX-FM/Q101, Chicago (and syndicate)

"Dear Dennis, Thanks for being with us. It was great fun and your message is so needed!"
Julie Jenney, Producer, Living the Life, CBN, ABC Family Channel

“Dennis has written a very, very exciting book, which you really do have to read.”
Adam Clatsoff, WWNN, Miami
(See letter from Adam at the bottom of this page).

“Dennis, you’re absolutely charming and very pleasant to talk to. I forget sometimes that you’re a celebrity guest because you’re so easy and approachable.”
Wendy Riddle, “Sound Off”, WFNC

"I interviewed Dennis Marcellino, author of Why Are We Here? on The Inside Success Show and loved every moment. His wit and fun stories made the interview lively and memorable. My audience loved it. I would highly recommend him for any show. It was more than a delight, it was an honor to interview him. He was awesome."
Randy Gilbert , Host of The Inside Success Show

"Dennis has a wonderful message ... a great gift musically ... but a wonderful message of freedom and redemption."
Terry Meeuwsen, co-host, 700 Club and Living The Life

“Dennis has a very interesting... a very interesting story to tell!”
Joe Galuski, WSYR, Syracuse, NY

“Great interview! You won me over.”
Liz Johnson, WTLT, liberal co-host of a show hosted by a liberal and a conservative

"You get an awful lot of research, thought, work and wisdom condensed into this one book. It's not a sloppy nor sentimental work but a rigorous and joyous proof of the love, majesty and grace of God. All this for $14.50...that's hard to beat!"
Dave Kirby, Book Bit, WTBF-FM, Troy, Alabama

“I highly recommend Why Are We Here? as a must book for anyone’s library.”
Tony Trupiano, Talk Show Host, Talk America Radio Network

“A wonderful book! What I get more than anything out of it is that: for people of faith, ‘there’s a good reason for why you believe. You don’t have to bury your head in the sand. You can deal with any challenge on the tough issues.’ And for people who are not of faith: ‘consider the Bible, because what I’ve found - scientifically, philosophically and experientially - is that the Bible is truth.’ The author marries his science/engineering background with his cultural/musician experiences to say that Christianity has the answers, and that it’s applicable and relevent to 1997. His book shows how to apply Biblical Christianity to our lives. This book is an A to Z about life....a sequential journey starting with the origins issue, all the way through to the end of life and beyond. You should buy 10 copies and give them to your family, friends, people in your church and co-workers!”
Steve Carr, Talk Show Host for “Destiny”, WYLL, Chicago

"You speak in a way that people can understand... bridging the gap between religion and everyday life."
Jeff Cavins, Relevant Radio

"I have REALLY enjoyed this interview. Dennis, I want to say that how you speak and how you define your concept and your understanding of creation and Why We're Here... it's just incredible! I love listening to you."
Diane, Northville, MI