Dennis Marcellino:
Speech Topics and Workshops
The Meaning of Life... A Scientific Approach
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Top Musician Discovers Why We Are Here (Dennis Marcellino's Conversion Story)

• 10 Conclusive Proofs that God Exists and the Bible is True

Why Are We Here?
A scientifically proven answer to The Meaning of Life that we all need to know in order to have a good life and afterlife

How to Restore Biblical Values in our Lives and Nation Proofs why following biblical values is objectively, scientifically, psychologically and sociologically the most important and effective thing we can and need to do in our personal lives and nation

What is THE Truth?
How can we know it; and How can we prove it?

How to Build a Rock Foundation for your Life:
So as to always have deep fulfillment, great purpose and never worry

How To Be Free From Addictions
(includes solutions from Dennis's book, Sweeping It Under the Drug)

The Ultimate Reason to Do a Great Job

The Practical Value of Religion

Why the Current Basis for American Law and Culture (Secular Humanism) IS a 'religion', and a monopolistic one at that

Achieving Your Life Goals (choose a focus from below:)

Achieve your goals of wanting to:

Attain Great Rewards From Putting Effort Into Growth
(Higher Quality: Career, Relationships, Friends, Involvements,
Productivity, Experiences... and avoid negative experiences)

Know The Ultimate Reason To Do A Great Job

Find the Optimum Career for You

Have Deep Fulfillment and Inner Peace

Be Confident when You Speak or Perform
(including how I overcame shyness and even agoraphobia
to become an entertainer and public speaker)

Overcome Shyness and Intimidation

Overcome Depression and Live a Deeply Fulfilling Life

Have A Successful Business

Have A Successful Marriage

Resolve Psychological Problems

Know THE Truth

Have Good Self-Esteem

Choose the Right Mate

Know the Meaning of Life

Live an Inspired Life

Have Great Purpose in Your Life

Never Be Bored or Confused

Reprogram Your Mind for Happiness

Have a Basic Philosophy of Life that is in Harmony with Nature

Free Yourself from Addictions

Have Good Stage Presence

Write Books

Write Music

Perform Music