Listening to my old 45s (records) from the ‘50s and early ‘60s, when this nation was transitioning from the more pure, normal, natural, reverent, peaceful, secure, happy, sweet and family-oriented ‘40s (and reflecting on my past of having lived during that time and the gradual transition to the predominance of the callousness, anger and decadence of today) makes me realize how SERIOUS male/female relationships are (e.g. the suicide in “Ode To Billie Joe” and the many heartbreak songs).

Therefore, for the protection of hearts, this nation BADLY NEEDS religious maturity and the love and and understanding of true human nature and the order and harmonious living that comes along with it.

And even though today’s music and media offerings and many people have become somewhat hardened, hopeless and impulsive, in private moments, most will resonate with the fact that something is wrong and therefore something is needed.

People often innocently, in trying to satisfy their romantic drive, end up in situations that end up in a lot of very intense and scarring pain...either for them or their kids or their ex-mate or society.

And the very high divorce, suicide and addiction rates say that there is a LOT of very intense pain going on in our society. For example, the teen suicide rate in this country is higher than the same rate in all of the other 26 industrialized nations combined. The divorce rate is currently between 50 and 70% in the various states, whereas in 1900 it was 0.5% for the whole country.

And this decline in statistics happened because the MORAL CLIMATE in this country allowed it and even caused it. It not only allowed it, but it fostered it, with its airs and tolerance of progressively increasing lust, insult “comedy”, revelry, promoting evil and rebelliousness as being “cool” and putting down holy behavior as being “nerdy”, “repressed”, “uncool”, etc., hyper jivyness, continual hyper sales messages, economic oppression due to elevating money as being more important than the needs and feelings of people (in the name of profits), and banning God from the mainstream (media, schools, psychology, science, etc. By the way, this banning of God was not an accurate account of history or any of the aforementioned topics. Therefore it is not only inaccurate to exclude God, but it is blatant censorship, a censorship that this nation and its citizens have paid a heavy price because of.)

Therefore, for the protection of hearts and for the love of our fellow men, women and children (...“Love your neighbor as yourself”), this nation should make religious maturity and changing the moral climate its top priority. That would mean first understanding why this is badly needed, and then knowing how to carry this out, both on the personal level and on the society level. On the society level it would mean banning all “sin”/dysfunction from the media and entertainment industries (like it more so was in the ‘40s and ‘50s, when social statistics were better and there was more peace, love, security and happiness).

I can help this transition by convincing people that seeking religious maturity is what is specifically what is needed to solve this problem. I can also help it by showing that the atheistic science community, mainstream psychology community, and political correctness (under which this society is statistically performing worse and worse) are not in tune with Truth and nature. I can do this with my scientific proofs in Why Are We Here? of the existence of God and the credibility of the Bible being true and a reliable resource for describing how we should function in order to be happy and live in harmony, peace and love...not just with each other, but also with the Creator of this planet, our lives, and the entire universe.
I must also show how if people do give religious maturity a try for being able to solve problems and create inner peace and deep fulfillment, that this approach can in fact yield those things. My personal testimony can be valuable here (as well as the testimonies of others who have tried it and found success where, as is true in my case, everything else failed.) I can show the 22 different popular approaches to lifestyle and personal growth that I became deeply involved with over a 14 year period of making my #1 priority be to search for solutions to personal problems and to find THE truth, but not finding real solutions and real inner peace and deep fulfillment until I started viewing the Bible as a book of truth and applying ALL of its principles and accepting all of its truths.

I can also (at least partially) prove my point by comparing the more religious ‘50s and the very dysfunctional now. I personally know that it was more loving, peaceful, happy, naturally functional and secure in the ‘50s, when the society was more religious*, because I was there. (* A proof of this is the fact that the person who was voted the #1 television personality of the 1950s is the emmy award winning Bishop Fulton J. Sheen). One thing that can help me make that point is to compare the social statistics of now and then, tell stories about the black communities of now and then, and compare the “emotional fruit” of now and the ‘50s, which can be evidenced by comparing the music, movies, and TV shows. And my mother said that the ‘40s were even better (which I wouldn’t know first-hand because I was born at the beginning of 1948).

Perhaps all of this (and the fact that CNN Headline News reported the results of a survey in which 43% of the people surveyed said that their #1 interest was knowing the meaning of life) should be the basis for me showing why people need to read and study my book Why Are We Here? and why it (and I) should become a focus and a voice in this country’s media and education system.

By the way, lest anyone think that I’m painting the ‘50s as being perfect, that isn’t so. The hippie movement just didn’t emerge out of a vacuum. Were there problems in the ‘50s? Yes, with the biggest one being that people weren’t allowed to fully stay in touch with how God moved them. This was a pressing growth item as a nation at that time. And this training of people to conform to outer authorities (over the spontaneous movements of God, the inner authority) was often enforced by spanking, both by parents and at school (public and parochial). Plus there was the horror of war. And people had to harden themselves to be able to go through war’s attrocities, both in the fighting itself and in losing loved ones or one’s health....especially since the last few wars (Viet Nam and Korea) were unnecessary for our national security and ended in not accomplishing their goals.

So because of these two factors, my generation of teens rebelled. The problem now is that in their rebellious fervor and their seeking of freedom and spontaneity, they “threw the baby out with the dirty bath water”....with that baby being: harmonious, orderly living with nature’s (and nature’s Creator’s) perfect designs (e.g. in male/female relationships, socially supported morals, acknowledging our Creator and truth, harmony with our bodies, addictive/impulsive living, etc.). We need to recognize that the quest for ‘freedom to be who we really are’ has missed and overstepped its mark and has meandered into dangerous waters, like: a lack of respect for and understanding of normal sexual functioning by implying that sex, drugs and alcohol are just for fun.

Now we must work to restore the baby (both in our personal lives and in society). The way that can happen is to reunite with God and to realize that perfect order is described in the Bible, which also says that it is “written on our hearts”. I scientifically prove those as facts in Why Are We Here?

Speaking Testimonials

“Dennis Marcellino is a man of many talents and interests. His hour-long program was well-received by the audience. He deeply cares about the negative experiences people are going through in our world today, and his mission is to show that these sufferings are unnecessary and that a great solution exists.”
– Bill Bennett, (review in) The Capitol Voice

“Your speech was perfect!... combining humor, practical information, entertainment and a LOT of inspiring wisdom.”
– Suzanne Sivyer, Event Coordinator, Wilsonville Council of Churches

Reviews for Dennis’ book, Why Are We Here?

“This is a very important book that is greatly needed at this time.
Mark Victor Hansen, World-renowned speaker, and Co-author of New York Times #1 Best-Selling Chicken Soup For The Soul series

“Dennis Marcellino has the answer. Actually, with an education that ranges from science and engineering to theology and psychology, Marcellino has many answers. But in his new book, Why Are We Here?, he chooses to answer the one question that has puzzled intellectuals for centuries.” – Laura Gunderson, Clackamas Review

“In using science to explore what is usually an emotionally charged subject, Marcellino provides a strong fact-based philosophical approach which is compelling.– Diane Donovan, The Philosopher’s Bookshelf, Midwest Book Review

Reviews for Dennis’ book, Sweeping It Under The Drug?

"I highly recommend the reading of this book as an understanding guide for all of the 12 step recovery programs. It gave me greater insight into my need for continuous spiritual development in order to maintain quality sobriety and peace of mind."
– Gloria Montgomery, Chairperson of ALL/ANON GROUP. Founder of RECOVERY SYSTEMS

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