Dennis Marcellino not only claims that it is possible to scientifically prove the existence of God, but he states that he has developed such a proof that even non-scientists can understand. He presents this proof in his book, Why Are We Here? (The Scientific Answer To This Age-old Question... that you don’t need to be a scientist to understand). Because of his award-winning math abilities and 100th percentile scores in both math and English on the SAT test, Dennis was offered a scholarship to study aerospace engineering under the founder of the space program, Dr. Werner Von Braun. But he became more fascinated with the basic questions of life: Is there a God? What is the best way to experience life here on earth? Is there an afterlife? And WHY, in this giant universe, are we here? So he devoted his life to finding the answers to these questions. His proof of the existence of God is based on logic and the scientific method and his studies (including 210 college units) from the past 33 years in science (including engineering, chemistry, physics, electronics, computer design, thermodynamics), psychology, philosophy, sociology and theology.

Presentation Includes:

• A scientific proof of the existence of God
• What “scientific proof” is and consists of (most equate it with “absolute proof”, but it’s not)
• What the scientific method is and how it can be used to prove the existence of (and understand the properties of) things that are invisible, too small, too hidden or too far away to be accessed directly
• Why a scientific proof of the existence of God is needed today to counteract the inaccurate ideas prevalent in the media and schools that say we should put our “faith” in human knowledge and the changeable, sometimes flawed theories of science, psychology and the mainstream culture of political correctness as the ultimate truths and way to approach life (while at the same time inferring that putting our “faith” in God is somehow outdated, naive and uneducated).
A look at social statistics of the U.S. will show that when more people were putting their “faith” in God that individuals, families and society were more harmonious, peaceful, happy and safe.
• How we can have personal proof of the existence and continual actions of God in our life
• Many reasons and facts that many people aren't aware of that can help them to understand the meaning of life and to have a meaningful life themselves

Speaking Testimonials

Dennis Marcellino is a man of many talents and interests. His hour-long program was well-received by the audience. He deeply cares about the negative experiences people are going through in our world today, and his mission is to show that these sufferings are unnecessary and that a great solution exists.” – Bill Bennett, (review in) The Capitol Voice

“Your speech was perfect!... combining humor, practical information, entertainment and a LOT of inspiring wisdom.” – Suzanne Sivyer, Event Coordinator, Wilsonville Council of Churches

Reviews for Dennis’ book, Why Are We Here?

“This is a very important book that is greatly needed at this time.
Mark Victor Hansen, World-renowned speaker, and Co-author of New York Times #1 Best-Selling Chicken Soup For The Soul series

“Dennis Marcellino has the answer. Actually, with an education that ranges from science and engineering to theology and psychology, Marcellino has many answers. But in his new book, Why Are We Here?, he chooses to answer the one question that has puzzled intellectuals for centuries.” – Laura Gunderson, Clackamas Review

“In using science to explore what is usually an emotionally charged subject, Marcellino provides a strong fact-based philosophical approach which is compelling.– Diane Donovan, The Philosopher’s Bookshelf, Midwest Book Review

Reviews for Dennis’ book, Sweeping It Under The Drug?

"I highly recommend the reading of this book as an understanding guide for all of the 12 step recovery programs. It gave me greater insight into my need for continuous spiritual development in order to maintain quality sobriety and peace of mind."
– Gloria Montgomery, Chairperson of ALL/ANON GROUP. Founder of RECOVERY SYSTEMS

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