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Dennis Marcellino is a speaking veteran and is the author of Why Are We Here? (The Scientific Answer To This Age-old Question) and Sweeping It Under The Drug. He has worked in engineering and has been a counselor, based on a history that includes 210 college units in science, psychology, philosophy, theology and spirituality. He also is a former member of some top music groups, including: Sly & The Family Stone, The Elvin Bishop Group, and The Tokens, who had a hit record that sold 12-1/2 million copies: “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. Although he continues to have successful CD releases, he says that his primary passion now (and has been for many years) is: helping others to see the absolute laws on how to elevate their lives.

Presentation Includes:

• Explaining the frame of mind that will make a person feel good about giving their all to their job... regardless of what anyone around them is doing. This makes them valuable contributors, from which a company or organization can be built on and grow from.
• The key that will unlock the positive energy, strength, and happiness that naturally resides in us to fulfill our purposes in life (including: our work).
• How our job is an important part of the fabric of life.
• How our job and job performance impacts the ultimate (and proximate) purpose of our life.
• How we can not only stay the course, but be an inspiration to others (the ripple effect).
• Scientific proof as to what our ultimate purpose is in life.
• A seven second technique that can bring you into the ultimate perspective.

Speaking Testimonials

“Dennis Marcellino is a man of many talents and interests. His hour-long program was well-received by the audience. He deeply cares about the negative experiences people are going through in our world today, and his mission is to show that these sufferings are unnecessary and that a great solution exists.” Bill Bennett, (review in) The Capitol Voice

“Your speech was perfect!... combining humor, practical information, entertainment and a LOT of inspiring wisdom.” – Suzanne Sivyer, Event Coordinator, Wilsonville Council of Churches

Reviews for Dennis’ book, Why Are We Here?

“This is a very important book that is greatly needed at this time.”.
Mark Victor Hansen, World-renowned speaker, and Co-author of New York Times #1 Best-Selling Chicken Soup For The Soul series

“Dennis Marcellino has the answer. Actually, with an education that ranges from science and engineering to theology and psychology, Marcellino has many answers. But in his new book, Why Are We Here?, he chooses to answer the one question that has puzzled intellectuals for centuries.” – Laura Gunderson, Clackamas Review

“In using science to explore what is usually an emotionally charged subject, Marcellino provides a strong fact-based philosophical approach which is compelling.– Diane Donovan, The Philosopher’s Bookshelf, Midwest Book Review

Reviews for Dennis’ book, Sweeping It Under The Drug?

"I highly recommend the reading of this book as an understanding guide for all of the 12 step recovery programs. It gave me greater insight into my need for continuous spiritual development in order to maintain quality sobriety and peace of mind."
– Gloria Montgomery, Chairperson of ALL/ANON GROUP. Founder of RECOVERY SYSTEMS

"Very powerful material. An amazing piece of work by an amazing man." – Scott Fagan, Head of the recovery unit at Brotman Hospital (one of Los Angeles' largest).

"...a catalyst to turn around the lives of those currently in the grip of drug addiction. It is the dedication of people like the author that gives all of us hope for the future." – G. Albert Howenstein Jr., Executive Director, Office Of Criminal Justice Planning, California Governor's office

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